What is the meaning of Constructivism you ask? In my own words, I would describe it as: – “Teaching children to think critically which will eventually lead them to better learning techniques, enabling them to teach themselves and others how to learn”.

Social-Constructivism helps students to: –

  • Socialize, externalize, internalize and combine with one another
  • Expand on what they already know by discussing in groups different thoughts, ideas and perspectives
  • Enjoy their time spent learning as it can be used in fun new ways such as ‘Speed Dating’, which I have personally experienced in a lecture and highly enjoyed.

A Constructivist focuses on nine main principals: –

  1. Presentation
  2. Exploration
  3. Problem solving
  4. Collaboration
  5. Alternate forms of assessment and general abilities
  6. Communication
  7. Team/group work
  8. Project based learning
  9. Process focused (e.g. learn to learn)

All learning is classified as constructed knowledge. The opposite to Constructivism is Objectivism, which means you are potentially instructing to your students what they should know e.g. transmitted knowledge. I personally believe I am a Constructivist, as I highly recommend in teaching children to think for them selves. Once a student can think for himself or herself they have reached Metacognition. This means they are able to learn to learn, a stage beyond just learning! Teachers should aim for their students to graduate with this attribute, as it is a life-long skill to be learned (Oluwafisayo, E. 2010).


Oluwafisayo, E. (2010) “Constructivism and Web 2.0 in the Emerging Learning Era: A Global Perspective,” Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, 6(4), 16- 25.


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